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About Us

Hello! Welcome! We are an adventure loving family that loves the outdoors. We hike, canoe, camp, rock climb, bike, and generally find any excuse we can to get out together! We live in a small town surrounded by mountains and wildlife. Here the sunsets stretch as far as you can see, and skies are so clear at night that the Little Dipper could touch the house. We try to soak in the opportunities to explore the outdoors with our four kids and our puppy Luna, who is always ready to hit the trails! 

We believe in quality family time. We believe in intentional parenting. We believe in checking in, and being present. This cultivates healthy kids, and healthy families. We seek to provide products that will inspire kids to get outside, and take their grown ups with them! Preferably where the WiFi is weak. 

All our products have been kid-tested for approval by Little Adventurers. The colors, the size, the idea itself is meant to appeal to them. 

When you buy from our company, you support the dreams of a real family. We hope it will encourage you to get outside, to be present, to relax.

Thank you for supporting our adventure! May you never stop exploring!